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Lucinda Drayton

Guest Vocalist
Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett are Bliss. A partnership both in music and life. They are writers , producers and meditation teachers.

They lead workshops and take arts programmes into prisons and co-run a small theatre company which takes shows about values into schools.

They also run a 10 piece band which caters for parties and corporate functions. In SPARE TIME ... Luce likes to make big curries and invite lots of friends round, while Andy enjoys eating the curries and walking the neighbours dog, Chubby !


Well, Luce once got The Wurzels' autograph at the Devon and Cornwall show!

Plus they ( Bliss) wrote a number one hit in 1994 with Toni Di Bart called 'The Real Thing'. Shortly after that they released an album called Suicidal Angel on Edel records ( under the name Luce Drayton) which received a 4* review in Q magazine.

The single 'I said Hey' was a-listed by radio One for 6 weeks... but unfortunately the shops didn't stock it so it died. The video was great tho! The album is still in a few HMV1s and Tower Records hidden amongst the Britney Spears!!

At this time they were signed to Edel records in the UK. Several States in the USA also picked up on the music and began to give the album some air play.


Well, they toured, played some fab live, made some videos, bit of telly and had some fun.
Then one night Andy went off to a gig with Toni di Bart; on the way they visited his sister who was a practitioner of Raja yoga meditation.
They got talking and she told Andy there was a centre just 3 miles from where he lived. Not long after Andy went and did the Raja Yoga course, it taught a simple form of meditation...(see for more info) which was to change both his and Lucinda's life and music. Over the next 5 years they became committed to integrating the spiritual dimension into everyday life and of course this deeply affected their music.


The music is now somewhere between Enya and Lorena Mckennit, with a bit of Joni Mitchell thrown in... then you add a real heart energy and beauty and some very spiritual lyrics that speak from the soul -- to the soul.

Luce, 'for me this music is as honest as I can be about my journey and the experiences I have been lucky enough to have. Many of the lyrics feel like they are given to me rather than me writing them...often when I hear the songs being played while I am meditating I am also touched, as if I were listening to someone else... I could describe how our music has changed in terms of production and instrumentation but quite simply, it comes from a different place and has a different aim, it is made to open peoples' hearts and to bring beauty and peace and healing... I can't say more than this without becoming seriously speaks for itself'