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GE / Lighthouse Assurance - Planning for the future

V-On created and successfully implemented an internationally focussed website with a dedicated Content Management System for the Lighthouse Assurance arm of General Electric.

1. Background

General Electric has a presence in over 50 countries, providing a range of financial products to around 118 million customers. Lighthouse was created to offer life insurance and other insurance, related to these products.

Lighthouse needed a rapidly updatable and expandable public website that would fulfil legal and regulatory requirements globally


2. Challenge

Lighthouse needed an agency with a strong understanding of international business and who was able to bring a multilingual solution quickly to bear.

V-On's brief was to create a product that would rapidly and accurately allow Lighthouse to comply with local and international legal and regulatory requirements.

Simultaneously V-On was tasked to address the question of establishing a basis for a global digital brand identity.

3. Solution

Working closely with GE, V-On steered Lighthouse towards setting up a central command structure for its global digital offering.

V-On designed and developed a dedicated Content Management System [CMS], which was implemented internationally

Appreciating the lack of support time that would be available from time-poor executives, V-On set up a process of identifying internal ‘champions’ who would gather the content required for each national market. This process could then be applied each time a new market needed to be added to the website, ensuring that the collection of content would be quick and accurate.

4. Result

V-On launched the Lighthouse website within two national markets, Norway and Poland. A clean style and smart branding stands alongside existing GE properties and safeguards all legal and regulatory responsibilities incumbent on the company's directors.

Since the launch, Lighthouse has requested eight additional markets be added to the site. In each case the CMS and V-On's content champion process have made it possible for all essential regulatory details to be published online within hours. Use of V-On’s international talent pool also ensured that translations of content were completed and published by the following day in each case.

5. Perspectives


Operating internationally with a financial services business, Lighthouse Assurance had an overriding priority for its new website: satisfying the regulators. V-On's client-centric approach ensured accuracy of key data, in multiple languages, available online ahead of its deadline.



A Content Management System (CMS) is a common feature of website management, but with an international staff using a variety of languages, Lighthouse Assurance needed an interface that would be a cinch for everyone to use. V-On built a custom CMS that was sophisticated underneath, but displayed child's play simplicity at the front end.

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